Wednesday, 25 January 2012

new school and weather conditions

i went for an interview on monday, and got accepted into the school i want to go to. the deputy was basically begging me to come to their school.
today (wednesday the 25th), was meant to be my first day but everything has flooded. this sucks. i am really excited but the only problem will be the travelling. i am now going to a qld school, and it has this awesome system where the seniors start at 7:45 monday to thursday and school ends at 3pm ~ and we get fridays off. i'm not sure how this will work for my thursday night shift, i may have to give it up, or start at about 5pm instead of 3pm. :/
though i'm not too concerned with that. i can tell them i can work all of friday, and if that's not good enough then i guess i will just have my sunday shift. i should probably look for a job at a place where i can work night times, like coles or woolworths. that would also be better pay.
because of all the rain and flooding today, i am just at home with my brother and bella. funny enough, my mother went to work and is now STUCK at work. i hope she can come home soon. :'( tonight i am meant to be going to a party in bilambil (which is on a hill), so i will still be right to go, but we will need to be careful when going there. i really wish i could get out of the house right now but i'm not that stupid.
while i have nothing to do today i am going to print off some images i like off the internet and attempt to sketch them. wish me luck !

if any turn out well i will post some photos at a later date.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

room progress!

going so well!
i have my new curtains set up (which cost me 70 fucking dollars) with my icicle fairy lights hanging off them, my room is a lot cleaner, and as of yesterday i have my beautiful old school dressing table!
it's so wonderful. it was about $230 (a birthday present from mum) and it got delivered yesterday. and it's an antique! oh i couldn't be happier. it also has drawers so i can save a lot of space from that :-)

the only things i have left to buy now (as far as furniture goes), is a bigger bed frame and mattress and a new wardrobe. i'm not entirely convinced that i have to buy a new wardrobe, seeing as most places now have them in-built, and my current wardrobe is a hand made vintage one that used to be my mothers. she will not let me give it away/sell it so i really don't know what to do. it sucks though, because it is huge and takes up so much room in my tiny bedroom.
i might just do a massive clean out of all my clothes, and fit as much into my two sets of drawers as possible. then with the things i have to hang up, i might just buy a little clothes rack, kind of like you see in clothing stores. because if the place i move into has an in-built wardrobe that's fantastic, and if not i'll be set and won't have to take up much room :-)

ok i'm rambling. but point being, my room is feeling more and more homey every day.
i'll upload photos later when i get some good ones.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

exercise entry/healthy bodies!

i feel so clean, i feel amazing.
i have been trying to cut down to 500 calories a day - it hasn't been going too well but not for lack of trying. my eating habits are getting a lot better and starting today am going to return to the gym as frequently as possible.

today i ate:
breakfast ~ nothing
lunch ~ "mini curry rice bowl" from top noodle
dinner ~ crumbed chicken breast, mashed potato and salad

as far as exercise goes:
i went to the gym and did ab exercises, running on the treadmill, cycling and rowing.
ab exercises:
~ hold body up for 1 minute (works your core)
~ 40 regular sit ups while holding a 5kg weight
~ 10 side-to-side sit ups while holding a 5kg weight
~ 20 leg raises.

distance covered ~ 2.92 kms
time spent ~ 31 minutes
calories burned ~ 132

exercise bike:
distance covered ~ 6.85 kms
time spent ~ 22.5 mins
calories burned ~ 100

rowing machine:
distance covered ~ 520 metres
time spent ~ 3.2 minutes lol (this was cut short as we had to leave the gym).
calories burned ~ 26


i have also successfully quit marijuana. one day i will try and quit cigarettes, but for the moment, i couldn't feel cleaner.

organisation and the week ahead.

i bought a yearly planner a few months ago and i intend on using mine this year.
recently i have been trying to plan out my days better, but it's not going so well. i always end up staying at someone's house out of a spur-of-the-moment thing, and my plans never stick and i hate it.
i think it will be better when i start school again. speaking of which ~ i need to apply for the schools i want ASAP!! if i don't this week i am actually fucked, and my mother will send me back to banora. i cannot go back there.
there are many reasons i need to go to a new school. these include:

  • i like the qld educations system a lot better and would rather finish my education in a qld school

  • i need a new start, sick of people's shit and sick of being bullied

  • i need to meet new people. more than anything.

when i start school again i will begin planning my days out better and writing down details of which class i have at what time, what we did so i can revise and what homework needs to be done. i will be travelling a lot to get to school so i will hopefully be able to do my homework while on busses etc.
i am excited to get organised, and all i want to do is to get good results, be a good student/better person and get my shit sorted.
i am actually quite sick of doing nothing all day, every day. i'm sick of chain-smoking, eating so much, my fucked up sleeping pattern and all the drinking and staying out.
honestly, all i want is to start school and begin saving.
i went to centrelink with my mother today, and if i move out my mother no longer gets family assistance or her healthcare card - and without the healthcare card alone she will be bankrupt from all of her heart medications that are around over $50 each. so basically i can't move out for another two years. i suppose i am ok with this, there's no way i'd leave my mum out to dry like that and i have everything i want/need at home. it's scary how crazy i get without normal broadband internet or the comfort of my own bed or even my setup in my room, it's comforting. not to mention how dependent i am on my mum.
not financially, emotionally. she's the one person i talk to about everything. besides maybe elle, but i can always tell my mother anything and know i won't be judged.

tomorrow i am working from 3pm to 8pm, and after that i am going to a gig and then elle is staying at mine after the gig. these plans are set in stone, so i guess i can write them in my planner ;-)


Sunday, 1 January 2012

the future.

i've been thinking about moving out a lot lately. mostly about what i have to do in preparation for when i do move out. this includes:
~ buying new furniture and re-doing my room (new wardrobe, new bed & sheets etc, duchess/dressing table)
~ start saving so i have some extra cash when i move out
~ buy my camera and all the other things i'm saving for beforehand, because i won't be able to save much if i'm living out of home.

i was talking to my mother, and she made it clear to me that i will be living in this house until i move out. i had expected that as a family we would be moving soon, but then i realised that was counter-productive. then when i moved out my mother would have to move again, to get a smaller place.
so i have begun preparing. i am going to start by saving for my camera and furniture simultaneously, mainly because i can't decide which i need/want more.  i will be getting a bit of cash for my birthday which should help with my saving, (as long as i don't spend too much of it on shopping and my party). i'm also slowly getting rid of all the useless crap i have floating throughout my room. this not only includes old clothing and shoes etc that i no longer want, but also schooling stuff, and childhood memorabilia that i really must work up the courage to give away, or if i can't - pack it into some boxes and store it away.
i'm so incredibly happy after christmas, i have everything i need to be happy and continue living my life the way i want to. i have my doc martens (which i feel so comfortable in, and they're fantastic for all the hiking i end up doing at parties etc), my new gorgeous studded handbag (which can fit everything in it not to mention how in love i am with it), and i have new underwear and bras which i desperately needed.
this year will be a new beginning for me, i am going to focus more on myself and less on destroying myself. i want to focus on my art, my health and a healthy way of losing weight, saving and getting back in touch with myself.

i'm far too excited.


my birthday!

i'm so excited, exactly one month to go.

bringing in the new year

i had a wonderful night. i went to a party at one of my close friend's houses, with my boyfriend and my best friends. saw some people i didn't get along with, made up, saw all my good friends and enjoyed a good old fashioned drink-up.
i was wearing heels and a beautiful dress, and i was probably over dressed but i felt beautiful.

the most magical thing happened at midnight.
my boyfriend and i ended up separated, and i called him when there was 6 minutes to midnight, terrified that we would miss the midnight kiss. he ran to get a car back to the party i was at. i was standing out on the driveway, and i heard everyone counting down from 10. it got to two seconds, and my wonderful boyfriend was in my arms. we kissed exactly on midnight. it should have been in a movie.

so it's now a new year, new beginning. i don't care what people say about new years being just another day, it's cleansing for me, and an opportunity to be everything i want to be. this year, i plan to quit smoking marijuana, go to the gym at least three times a week and eat healthily (thus, losing weight). i also plan to completely re-do and re-furnish my room, save for my camera and start saving to move out of home.
i need to start looking for a new school to attend this year, i want to find a larger qld school so i have the opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy the company of new people. new start.

horrible photo of me with ellen in the backyard before we left.

group shot.
my boyfriend juleyin, myself, elle and luke.