Thursday, 19 January 2012

room progress!

going so well!
i have my new curtains set up (which cost me 70 fucking dollars) with my icicle fairy lights hanging off them, my room is a lot cleaner, and as of yesterday i have my beautiful old school dressing table!
it's so wonderful. it was about $230 (a birthday present from mum) and it got delivered yesterday. and it's an antique! oh i couldn't be happier. it also has drawers so i can save a lot of space from that :-)

the only things i have left to buy now (as far as furniture goes), is a bigger bed frame and mattress and a new wardrobe. i'm not entirely convinced that i have to buy a new wardrobe, seeing as most places now have them in-built, and my current wardrobe is a hand made vintage one that used to be my mothers. she will not let me give it away/sell it so i really don't know what to do. it sucks though, because it is huge and takes up so much room in my tiny bedroom.
i might just do a massive clean out of all my clothes, and fit as much into my two sets of drawers as possible. then with the things i have to hang up, i might just buy a little clothes rack, kind of like you see in clothing stores. because if the place i move into has an in-built wardrobe that's fantastic, and if not i'll be set and won't have to take up much room :-)

ok i'm rambling. but point being, my room is feeling more and more homey every day.
i'll upload photos later when i get some good ones.


  1. I love the clothing racks. I have just moved home so I am back in my big perfect bedroom and Mom is letting my paint her antique dresser white!


  2. that's amazing meg! hope it turns out well :-)