Saturday, 22 October 2011

friday the 21st of october and saturday the 22nd.

yesterday was so good man. like, on so many levels.

on thursday night i had work, so afterwards juleyin picked me up and stayed at mine that night. on friday morning we got up and i cleaned the bathroom (like scrubbed it) and juleyin helped me tidy the rest of the house, sort of.

by the time we left it was like 12:30-1pm.
juleyin had to get a refund on his computer so we went there and while juleyin was arguing with the sales assistant i took a nice rest on a comfy chair.
then after harvey norman i went to a fabric shop :-)
i told juleyin if i have to deal with his boring shit he has to deal with mine. side note: there is a new "lincraft" opening at tweed mall soon, i am so excited i love anything to do with art and craft and i particularly love scrap-booking. i really need to get back into it.
while i was at the fabric store i picked up 62cm of studs on mesh, (i will write a separate post a bit later once the garment i'm making is finished), some lace trim for the neckline of this beautiful velvet dress i have, and i also got a lovely cross necklace. we were in there for at least 40 minutes and i have never felt more at home. i just can't wait for my final assessment to be over (it will be over by the end of this friday), and then i can focus a bit more on my sewing, my art and my blogging.

then we headed back to juleyin's and slept for about an hour and a half while we were waiting for elle to come into town. she called me a little later and told me she was there so we went and picked her up and went to kirra hill to start the bbq.

elle and i waiting for the others lol

me looking emo with a smoke and the pretty view behind me

~lots of pointless events happened~
oh and elle and i wrote a rap, it's mad. we are going to sing it when we audition for australia's got talent.

the bbq was good, no one was even drinking we were just eating yummy food, cracking jokes and lighting shit on fire. my kind of chilled hang between friends.

after the bbq we went back to jazmine and joel's house. ellen got food poisoning so we took her home, and that meant that i wasn't staying at her house.
jazmine went to bed inside pretty early, i think she was mad that we were all making noise because she had work the next day. i felt bad but she was inside and that was probably the best thing for her to sleep i guess.

as the night wore on it got to fewer and fewer of us and in the end it was me, joel, juleyin and zane. we did all kinds of random fucked up shit, mostly watching youtube videos and making jokes and taking shots.

lol joel putting eyeliner on and myself teasing my hair

the end result...

we also got tonnes of funny photos on joel's nikon, i hope he will upload them or give them to me sometime soon.
we have never really hung out before that night, he is quite a cool, chilled guy. and he kept calling me "effy" because apparently i'm awesome and up for anything. i feel so good about myself when people tell me i'm fun.

we also went on a massive adventure and did random shit like put those orange cones on the top of street signs...
i also lost my phone in a massive drain tunnel and it took us about an hour of retracing our steps to find it again. i was fucking freaking out man.

then when we got home joel and i smoked some hash and everyone else was just chilling. we were looking at the lazers and smoke machine for ages and i felt like i was one with the earth or some bullshit, i have not smoked weed in a very long time and i'm glad it wasn't a bad experience.

we all woke up between 8am and 9am, when we went to bed at around 5am. we jumped in the pool to get over our hangovers and it was the best decision of my entire life.


here is just a random photo of like my arm. idek i really like this photo for some reason.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

neglecting my blog, again.

i am sorry :-(
i'm pretty horrible with commitments, in any way shape or form.

i am going to try and post more regularly - i get too distracted from things like tumblr, ebay, online shopping etc.
have to remember this is my real site and i care about it more than the others lol~

i give meg permission to hit me if i don't blog more often.

Monday, 10 October 2011

matthew's 21st

was so good! omg! best night.

so last saturday at around 6:30pm juleyin and i got to pancakes in paradise in surfers paradise. (lol)
almost everyone else was already there, i knew virtually no one but didn't really mind because i was with juleyin. the waitor took like  forever getting our food, and then we had birthday cake (bad daisy), and chatted for a while, so we didn't leave till around 8:30-9pm i think? i'm not sure but it was pretty late.

we then went on a "scavenger hunt". i was in a group with adam, matt and juleyin. it was so much fun ~ i didn't think i'd enjoy it but i really did!
we had to collect and take photos of all kinds of crazy things, like a coin from the year 1990, a photo in front of an australian icon (we took a photo in front of a post card with koalas on it..), photo of us in a human pyramid, photo with a cop, photo with a meter maid.. things like that.
we lost by one point but that didn't really worry me.

then we headed up to timezone.
i've never really gotten into timezone parse, i just played a few games and got asian photos etc. but this time we got a $20 two hours of gameplay thing, and it was so much fun! i really enjoyed myself with all the games and it was so exciting winning tickets! with my tickets that i earned i also bought a little pink die keyring. (featured below)

after the first hour was up and we couldn't play any more games, we played bumper cars. it was most of the group and a few randoms. it was actually so hard to do haha, i got stuck and kept spinning in circles :-( i also got whiplash from the seatbelt when i kept getting rammed! it was so fun though haha.
then we played lazer skirmish, that was also fun but slightly more embarrassing, i felt like a dickhead when people saw me. luckily it was dark!

after that everyone sort of did their own thing for a tiny bit, i put $10 on my timezone card and we got asian photos from the booth. i need to get to a scanner and scan them so i can upload them! i look ugly but juleyin is cute.


hopefully someone will send me some of the photos from the night so i can update this post.






Monday, 3 October 2011


loving my hair at the moment, but of course i'm still not happy.

it's a lovely bright blue at the top, then fades to blonde at the bottom. so like opposite dip-dye.
going blonde again re-affirmed what everyone has always said and what i knew all along, i look way better with dark hair and being blonde washes me out. i look good with colours, though, which is why i'm blue at the moment. i'm really quite glad work doesn't seem to mind.

by the formal i want to have blue hair on one half and black on the other. i will start by getting some foils through my hair and my extensions :-)

i don't want to go fully dark straight away, or even half, because when you have black/dark brown hair after having bleached it so many times you can really see the dead ends, and all the little splits in each hair. it sucks. so i will keep treating it for ages (which reminds me i need to buy more treatment mask).
in a couple of weeks i will ask mum to take me to the salon. i don't know if i'll have much money to put towards it but i will try.
oh i love my mum and i don't even care i love that i live at home.

so yes, in a few weeks i'll get the black foils in the left side of my hair. the left side, because, it's a lot less dead and i like the blue on my right side. having a straight fringe will also make this look extra nice. i love symmetry. having permanent extensions would also be beneficial so i could part it down the back without seeing my clips, but i'll just have to deal with that.

in a few months or whatever i will have all black hair, and get permanent extensions because regrowth won't be a bitch like it would be with bleached hair.

i am excited to have dark hair again, it really compliments my face and makes me all pretty. only shit thing is that it's so boring and i just know after a few months of being dark again i'll be like "i miss being blonde i look so pretty blonde and it's not boring blah blah blah i'm going to bleach and kill my hair again now heheheh bye". that's actually what happened before i went light again this time -___-
i just hope before i do that again i come here and remind myself how i always regret it.

actually i always regret everything i do with my hair, in the long run. at least i seem to pull off everything i come up with.