Sunday, 1 January 2012

bringing in the new year

i had a wonderful night. i went to a party at one of my close friend's houses, with my boyfriend and my best friends. saw some people i didn't get along with, made up, saw all my good friends and enjoyed a good old fashioned drink-up.
i was wearing heels and a beautiful dress, and i was probably over dressed but i felt beautiful.

the most magical thing happened at midnight.
my boyfriend and i ended up separated, and i called him when there was 6 minutes to midnight, terrified that we would miss the midnight kiss. he ran to get a car back to the party i was at. i was standing out on the driveway, and i heard everyone counting down from 10. it got to two seconds, and my wonderful boyfriend was in my arms. we kissed exactly on midnight. it should have been in a movie.

so it's now a new year, new beginning. i don't care what people say about new years being just another day, it's cleansing for me, and an opportunity to be everything i want to be. this year, i plan to quit smoking marijuana, go to the gym at least three times a week and eat healthily (thus, losing weight). i also plan to completely re-do and re-furnish my room, save for my camera and start saving to move out of home.
i need to start looking for a new school to attend this year, i want to find a larger qld school so i have the opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy the company of new people. new start.

horrible photo of me with ellen in the backyard before we left.

group shot.
my boyfriend juleyin, myself, elle and luke.


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