Saturday, 5 November 2011

boyfriend progress

i have been trying to treat my boyfriend like a king lately.
for too long he's been treating me like dirt and no matter how many times i say it, or yell at him, or cry and ask him to try harder - nothing ever changes.
and his response is always "i'm just so stressed out babe, omg you're so irrational"

gets irritating.
but the past few days have been a little better. his last HSC exam was on wednesday so since then he's been a little more relaxed, and i've just been telling him how amazing he is and how much i love him and doing anything i can to make him happy.
it makes ME happy when we're like that.

i think i've also gotten all lovey-dovey from hanging around joel and jazmine too much. they're too perfect, i wish i wasn't over the honeymoon period.
but juleyin and i are almost at a year and a half, which is a VERY good effort on both sides.

i get sick of people and juleyin must want to shoot me somedays.

but we're getting better, and i miss him so much right now.
he's camping in byron at the moment with brodie (on the trip i basically organised) but i can't go because my school certificate exams are monday-wednesday.
fucking hell.

when he gets back i am going to give him the best welcome-home-sex of all time.

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