Monday, 7 November 2011

omg i need to save, fuck!

fuck fuck fuck! why can i not have a thousand dollars right now.

like seriously, that's all i need. then i can buy my camera and the rest i can save for in a matter of weeks.
i currently have a rather expensive shopping list/list of things i want dearly.
not to mention christmas is coming up and i need to save for presents!!! :'(

ok, the list.

  • a shit load of lace for my sewing

  • creepers

  • more funky sunglasses

  • socks (just like mid-shin length)

  • more skirts

  • dresser

  •  blonde curly wig

  • 24" extensions because these ones are amazing but quite thin so i could make them long + short but thick if that makes sense

  • fairy lights - i found them at work for cheap but they're multicoloured ones i just want white ones :-(

  • over-the-knee socks, maybe with some patterns on them?

  • and of course, my camera.

fuck, i need money! i hope i can get some extra shifts during the next few weeks!!