Saturday, 22 October 2011

friday the 21st of october and saturday the 22nd.

yesterday was so good man. like, on so many levels.

on thursday night i had work, so afterwards juleyin picked me up and stayed at mine that night. on friday morning we got up and i cleaned the bathroom (like scrubbed it) and juleyin helped me tidy the rest of the house, sort of.

by the time we left it was like 12:30-1pm.
juleyin had to get a refund on his computer so we went there and while juleyin was arguing with the sales assistant i took a nice rest on a comfy chair.
then after harvey norman i went to a fabric shop :-)
i told juleyin if i have to deal with his boring shit he has to deal with mine. side note: there is a new "lincraft" opening at tweed mall soon, i am so excited i love anything to do with art and craft and i particularly love scrap-booking. i really need to get back into it.
while i was at the fabric store i picked up 62cm of studs on mesh, (i will write a separate post a bit later once the garment i'm making is finished), some lace trim for the neckline of this beautiful velvet dress i have, and i also got a lovely cross necklace. we were in there for at least 40 minutes and i have never felt more at home. i just can't wait for my final assessment to be over (it will be over by the end of this friday), and then i can focus a bit more on my sewing, my art and my blogging.

then we headed back to juleyin's and slept for about an hour and a half while we were waiting for elle to come into town. she called me a little later and told me she was there so we went and picked her up and went to kirra hill to start the bbq.

elle and i waiting for the others lol

me looking emo with a smoke and the pretty view behind me

~lots of pointless events happened~
oh and elle and i wrote a rap, it's mad. we are going to sing it when we audition for australia's got talent.

the bbq was good, no one was even drinking we were just eating yummy food, cracking jokes and lighting shit on fire. my kind of chilled hang between friends.

after the bbq we went back to jazmine and joel's house. ellen got food poisoning so we took her home, and that meant that i wasn't staying at her house.
jazmine went to bed inside pretty early, i think she was mad that we were all making noise because she had work the next day. i felt bad but she was inside and that was probably the best thing for her to sleep i guess.

as the night wore on it got to fewer and fewer of us and in the end it was me, joel, juleyin and zane. we did all kinds of random fucked up shit, mostly watching youtube videos and making jokes and taking shots.

lol joel putting eyeliner on and myself teasing my hair

the end result...

we also got tonnes of funny photos on joel's nikon, i hope he will upload them or give them to me sometime soon.
we have never really hung out before that night, he is quite a cool, chilled guy. and he kept calling me "effy" because apparently i'm awesome and up for anything. i feel so good about myself when people tell me i'm fun.

we also went on a massive adventure and did random shit like put those orange cones on the top of street signs...
i also lost my phone in a massive drain tunnel and it took us about an hour of retracing our steps to find it again. i was fucking freaking out man.

then when we got home joel and i smoked some hash and everyone else was just chilling. we were looking at the lazers and smoke machine for ages and i felt like i was one with the earth or some bullshit, i have not smoked weed in a very long time and i'm glad it wasn't a bad experience.

we all woke up between 8am and 9am, when we went to bed at around 5am. we jumped in the pool to get over our hangovers and it was the best decision of my entire life.


here is just a random photo of like my arm. idek i really like this photo for some reason.

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