Monday, 3 October 2011


loving my hair at the moment, but of course i'm still not happy.

it's a lovely bright blue at the top, then fades to blonde at the bottom. so like opposite dip-dye.
going blonde again re-affirmed what everyone has always said and what i knew all along, i look way better with dark hair and being blonde washes me out. i look good with colours, though, which is why i'm blue at the moment. i'm really quite glad work doesn't seem to mind.

by the formal i want to have blue hair on one half and black on the other. i will start by getting some foils through my hair and my extensions :-)

i don't want to go fully dark straight away, or even half, because when you have black/dark brown hair after having bleached it so many times you can really see the dead ends, and all the little splits in each hair. it sucks. so i will keep treating it for ages (which reminds me i need to buy more treatment mask).
in a couple of weeks i will ask mum to take me to the salon. i don't know if i'll have much money to put towards it but i will try.
oh i love my mum and i don't even care i love that i live at home.

so yes, in a few weeks i'll get the black foils in the left side of my hair. the left side, because, it's a lot less dead and i like the blue on my right side. having a straight fringe will also make this look extra nice. i love symmetry. having permanent extensions would also be beneficial so i could part it down the back without seeing my clips, but i'll just have to deal with that.

in a few months or whatever i will have all black hair, and get permanent extensions because regrowth won't be a bitch like it would be with bleached hair.

i am excited to have dark hair again, it really compliments my face and makes me all pretty. only shit thing is that it's so boring and i just know after a few months of being dark again i'll be like "i miss being blonde i look so pretty blonde and it's not boring blah blah blah i'm going to bleach and kill my hair again now heheheh bye". that's actually what happened before i went light again this time -___-
i just hope before i do that again i come here and remind myself how i always regret it.

actually i always regret everything i do with my hair, in the long run. at least i seem to pull off everything i come up with.


  1. You changed your URL and now your bloglovin is ruined :C
    I was like, hmm, I will try violently subtle because that's what she's changed her twitter name to and I was right. I like it :)

  2. heheh awh thanks :)
    i used to use 'violentlysubtle' as an alias for accounts a few years ago, and i don't smoke weed anymore so 'stonerboner' seemed kind of silly! :p