Monday, 10 October 2011

matthew's 21st

was so good! omg! best night.

so last saturday at around 6:30pm juleyin and i got to pancakes in paradise in surfers paradise. (lol)
almost everyone else was already there, i knew virtually no one but didn't really mind because i was with juleyin. the waitor took like  forever getting our food, and then we had birthday cake (bad daisy), and chatted for a while, so we didn't leave till around 8:30-9pm i think? i'm not sure but it was pretty late.

we then went on a "scavenger hunt". i was in a group with adam, matt and juleyin. it was so much fun ~ i didn't think i'd enjoy it but i really did!
we had to collect and take photos of all kinds of crazy things, like a coin from the year 1990, a photo in front of an australian icon (we took a photo in front of a post card with koalas on it..), photo of us in a human pyramid, photo with a cop, photo with a meter maid.. things like that.
we lost by one point but that didn't really worry me.

then we headed up to timezone.
i've never really gotten into timezone parse, i just played a few games and got asian photos etc. but this time we got a $20 two hours of gameplay thing, and it was so much fun! i really enjoyed myself with all the games and it was so exciting winning tickets! with my tickets that i earned i also bought a little pink die keyring. (featured below)

after the first hour was up and we couldn't play any more games, we played bumper cars. it was most of the group and a few randoms. it was actually so hard to do haha, i got stuck and kept spinning in circles :-( i also got whiplash from the seatbelt when i kept getting rammed! it was so fun though haha.
then we played lazer skirmish, that was also fun but slightly more embarrassing, i felt like a dickhead when people saw me. luckily it was dark!

after that everyone sort of did their own thing for a tiny bit, i put $10 on my timezone card and we got asian photos from the booth. i need to get to a scanner and scan them so i can upload them! i look ugly but juleyin is cute.


hopefully someone will send me some of the photos from the night so i can update this post.






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