Thursday, 26 May 2011


a thousand things simultaneously.
so i earn $100 a week unless i pick up extra shifts, which never happens.
i save $50 of that every week and put it into my separate account that i don't touch. this is savings for my laptop. i need my own one soooooooo bad, and mum says she'll put in a few hundred for an early christmas present. so i want to save up around $1000ish.

aside from that, i'm also saving for a few other things with my remaining $50 p/wk.
well every week i have to give my mum $6.50 because my gym fee is $12.50 a week and we go halves. then, if i can but usually don't because i'm a shitcunt, put away around $10 a week for my credit.
then with the tiny amount of my remaining money for the week i'm trying to save $50 for a pair of vans (mum is paying the rest), $20-30 for moroccan oil for my hair - a product that will help get my hair healthy again, and $50 for piercings. once i have the money i'm allowed to get some, pretty sure.


lol. had to highlight the word sex.

you love me.

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