Friday, 8 July 2011

plans for the next week

pretty boring plans, hope i can find some time to go drinking with some cool people. doubt it.
haven't been to a single good party all holidays.

saturday (tomorrow) - i'm working from 9am till 4:30pm and then i'll be going home, playing with my new phone and packing.
saturday night - party at april's, i'm partying with my brother tomorrow night and i think it will be cool lol, i want to see him drunk.

sunday - working from 10am till 3:30pm. then nothing that night, i really want to drink with some of my friends. i'll ask juleyin if he wants to because i think he has sunday night and monday off.

monday - appointment at the optometrist, then i have to get a head x-ray which i'm sort of freaked out about, and then i have to go book my appointment at the piercers. then i might go to the gym, i haven't been in weeks ;/

tuesday - sleep in i suppose, go into town and hang around with juleyin if he's not working, then at 5-5:30 i'm getting my reverse navel done.

wednesday - adam (my brother) is having another surgery. i have to stay home to take care of him when he comes home from surgery around lunch time.

thursday - sleep in then work at 3pm till 8pm.

friday - might go to the city if i can get someone to come with me. if not, gym.
friday night - nothing, someone make plans with me.

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