Friday, 8 July 2011

things i bought today

once again, i spent about $70 on payday and now i'm left with minimal amounts for the rest of the week.
but i'm not too bothered. i bought a lot of things that i wanted and needed and i won't be doing toooooo much for the rest of the week.

it's looking like i won't be going away these holidays, that's a real shame. i need to get away and i miss brisbane, but the thing is that it's not very exciting now that everyone's over "the scene". i don't have any friends that hang in the city anymore because now we're not all stupid smoking teenagers with bright hair, and when there's no people to hang with the city is actually rather dull. i think i'd rather go stay at someone's house that i really like, and i just wish that were far away from here.
ok that makes no sense. in the simplest way put, i want to get away and have cool people to hang out with and go shopping with.

it's so sad because the coolest people i know are from twitter and blogging, and i have literally no close girl friends, or /any/ friends for that matter around where i live.
there's people at school like sophie and jaz and shawna, but jaz and shawna have this way of making me feel inferior and i think sophie hates me. but that doesn't really matter because i don't like most people.

i like people who party for a living and do stupid things and smoke weed and will go skinny-dipping with me.
that's how i met most of my friends, but now everyone is over all of that and we're left with nothing to do.

now we don't party all the time, we don't hang around shopping centres and smoke weed in parks and dye our hair while drunk and all of that shit - and i'm glad, but i miss having a fun lifestyle and i miss having things to do all the time.
i just have nothing exciting to do anymore. legitimately.

i think that's a clear indication that i should move on to hard drugs because alcohol and weed just don't cut it anymore.




wow so off topic.

ok today i bought:

- two different leave-in treatments. i've been curling my hair lately and i hate how they go all frizzy by the end of the day so i got something i can put through it to keep it healthier and calm. one is a really good one that i can't use too often because it's really oily and the other is basically like a conditioner spray so i can even use that for when my extensions get knotty and i have to detangle them.

-  two movies. i was at blockbuster and they had those ex-rental movies for $7 so i bought Case 39, a horror movie i got out with mum one time and i also got Saw II.

- stickers and rhinestones. the stickers are self-explanatory and i bought rhinestones because today i also signed a contract to get my new phone, but i didn't get the actual phone because their system crashed this afternoon. i'll be getting it first thing tomorrow morning when i start work, the lady is so nice and apologised for the system crashing and told me she'd bring my phone to me at work. how crazy is that! oh and the rhinestones are to decorate my phone, like a boss.

- a 990ml bottle of peroxide and a 500gm sachet of blonding powder. i now have a huge supply of bleach so i can keep doing my foils. i'm pretty keen, i'll be re-doing my current ones and adding some more on tuesday probably.

- a new septum ring.


i think that's about it.
here's a photo of all my shit.

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