Tuesday, 12 July 2011

my room/rearrangement of my furniture

i have too much fucking shit in my room.
i have too much shit in general.

i'm the biggest horder,  which basically means i keep all of my irrelevant, useless and old shit.
i plan on trying to get rid of some of this shit by the end of the holidays.

i need to really, and i mean really go through my shit and throw out what i no longer have use for.
well i won't be throwing anything out, but giving it to the salvation army etc. another reason why i need to get rid of all my stuff is that i have no use for it, people out there do, people with little to no money.

clothes aren't so much a priority. the main things i need to get rid of are the old plastic drawers i have. they mainly hold all my old makeup and jewellery etc and i never use or wear any of it, it just takes up space and annoys me.
and juleyin needs a set of plastic drawers to hold all his files and schoolwork so i'm going to give him mine if i can sort through all of it.
i also need to clean out my wardrobe, mainly down the bottom with all my shoes and in the other side, where i have useless, irrelevant shit like fairy costumes and dance clothing that i used when i was about five years old.
and my underwear/sock drawers. don't even get me started on those.

as far as my room goes, i really need to start saving for some new/better furniture.
if i can get rid of these plastic drawers then i can try and re-arrange my furniture in my room, (my wardrobe, drawers, bookshelf and desk) and maybe have more room.

then i want to get a nice dresser, like one of those things with a mirror on top and a few drawers underneath? like a dressing table, ugh i don't know if i even make sense.
but then i can get rid of my bookshelf and my wall mirror and i'd have a bit more room so then i can afford to put a double bed in my room. i need a double bed, the fact that my boyfriend sleeps on my bedroom floor when he stays over is just ridiculous.


so many purchases, so little time.

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