Wednesday, 13 July 2011


this friday.

mum couldn't get down to skintastic for my appointment any sooner than friday, so i'm now getting my reverse navel piercing on friday at 2:30.
that's $30 gone of my around $157-ish pay for this week.
i want to try and save as much as i can.

so then i'm left with $127.
$12 goes to mum for the gym, then i'm left with $115.
$25 for my phone bill, left with $90.
$20-ish for pouch, left with $70.

then i want to put away $50 for savings and i'm left with $20 to do what i want with.
i'll probably spend it on drinks :/
that would be a good thing, money well spent, but i just hate that i spend all my money on payday then i'm broke for the rest of the week.

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