Wednesday, 13 July 2011

hair - plans


serious. i'm doing it. i'm going to have to order some blonde extensions though, my ones could nooo way stand that much bleaching.
i'll keep doing what i've been doing with my actual hair, i'll keep putting in more foils slowly.
i currently have most of the underlayers of my right side blonde, but some of the foils are orangey and really damaged so i'll have to tone them tonnes instead of bleaching, i want to keep them away from bleach for a while. then my aunty who used to be a hair dresser said she wanted to put some caramel/blondey foils all over my head. that will make my life so much easier.

then when i've got the majority of my hair blonde i'll order my extensions. i'll probably stay home for the few days it takes me to get the rest of my hair blonde lol, don't want to go out being all ranga, and then i'll have beautiful long, blonde hair c;
i also really, really am dead set on getting permanent extensions. i know i can get an absolute fantastic full head for $350, but i'm not sure when i want to get them.

i've heard they rip out your hair a fair bit, and i can imagine them making it quite hard to do my regrowth and i'd have to get someone to do it for me.. so i'm going to get really long blonde clip-ins and have them for a few months until they get ratty and can't be worn anymore and if my hair is healthier and i'm still set on permanent extensions then i'll get them then.

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