Thursday, 7 July 2011

my appearance

hate it, hate it, hate it.

i know that's everyone's job but seriously, i hate that i hate it.
i understand that i'm pretty, i'm not one of those girls who call myself ugly when i'm clearly not, there's just a lot of things i'd like to change.

first things first, my hair.
i am fucking hating it at the moment, everyone says i look way better with dark hair but i think i look weird and mainly just boring.
like here's a photo of me with dark hair;

and here are some photos with me wearing a blonde wig;

like seriously, i think i look so fucking boring with dark hair.
i am going to go blonde and get permanent hair extensions.

i am also going to get more facial piercings.
unfortunately this probably won't be happening until my birthday in february, my mum hates piercings and i won't be legally allowed to get them on my own till february (my sixteenth birthday).


what else can i complain about?
i have no style. the end.

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