Tuesday, 5 July 2011

i only ever hang out with guys


i would love to have some girl friends, spend some time doing things i want to do, but i don't get along with any girls and whenever i do it always turns into a bitch fight sooner or later and that absolutely sucks.
the thing that i hate about only having male friends, is that i can't do anything with them if juleyin isn't there.
so if he's working or something, i have nothing to do. story of my life.
also, i can never do anything with them at night because juleyin works most nights and if i went out with them it might be a little weird. i'm always the only girl.

today, for instance;
it was me, josh, brodie, juleyin, blake and aaron.
we were like, doing burn-outs in aaron's car, cranking aussie hip-hop and squishing 6 people into his car all day.
i was the only girl, and everyone is really comfortable with me which i love, so we're not afraid to like jokingly hold hands or hug or anything, so to an outsider i must really look like some sort of genre-whore.
some of the guys i hang out with look emo, some of them look gangsta, some look indie and others look either normal or really weird.

i don't know but, i just want someone to have close to me.
for a while i forgot about my desperate need for a best friend, but it's come back now.
i don't mind whether it's a guy or a girl.

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