Wednesday, 15 June 2011

so productive today!

ok so today i went to school, as per usual it was shit. but today is wednesday (sport day) so i get to leave at 12 o'clock. c:
i got the bus to tweed city, and then walked down to my gym (about a 5-10 minute walk).
i did a really good work out today, consisting of:
- running for 15 minutes, burning 75 calories and running about 1.5 kms
- rowing for 1km
- cycling for 1.6 kms
- my ab exercises in reps of 15
- inner thigh machiney-thing

i wasn't too worn out but i felt great for going because i haven't been in ages plus my self body image has been even more horrible lately.
i've also started doing 80 sit-ups every night before bed, i hope it helps because my stomach is my main insecurity.
then i walked back down to tweed city and met mum and did the grocery shopping with her.

now i'm at home and because i finally have some time on my hands i'm putting those foils in my hair that i've wanted for ages. i'm a bit peeved off because the developer i use with my bleach isn't too strong which is good, but i'm not sure if it'll go blonde. i don't want to have to wait a week with orange hair and bleach it again or some bullshit.
anyway, with my hair i'm slowly going white, so i'm going to start with some blonde foils in the right side of my head, (that's where the foils i have in now are) and then i'll make them white, and i'll gradually keep putting more white in my hair. i'm not sure if i want it white all over but i'm making my way there anyway.
when i can afford it i'm getting permanent extensions also, i'm sick of my clip ins and i think they'll just look nicer.

below is a photo of me currently, with my sexy, sexy foils that will turn orange.


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