Sunday, 19 June 2011


i don't know what to do with it!!
being boring is pissing me off, but i suppose that's what happens when you've got a job. shqigvakbaoscs@+@ and i want more piercings.
so the other day i bleached some parts of my hair, just a few foils. they went orange as expected, so i put a turquoise colour through it and it turned out a green colour that i actually liked. last night i re-bleached those parts and they're still orange/yellow! can't believe it, i really didn't think i had that much colour build-up. so i put the blue through again it's now green again. the second bleaching actually did damage my hair a bit so i'm going to wait a while before redoing it.
i'm not too worried though, it's in the underlayers of my hair so you can barely see it and it actually looks pretty nice.
eventually i want to have white through my hair. i want other colours in it too but i'm not sure what and i need to work it out before i kill my hair for no reason. i wanted black and white but i'm not sure where the parts will be, i'll google some images and see.

lol fuck google, nothing good on there. i've decided to keep putting big foils in my hair, and get them really blonde before i put the next lot in, it's going to take fucking ages but oh well.
last night i was wearing a blonde wig of shawna's, it looked so cool and made me 100% certain i'm going back blonde. it's going to be difficult though. my hair is naturally dark and i have dark colour build-up.
ugh wish i could stay happy with one hair colour, i just want long, healthy hair.

but i'm so over dark hair!

i am also saving up for micro-bead hair extensions, like the permanent ones. they're $300 so after i get my laptop then it's another one of my priorities. but i want my hair to be blonde before i get them, i don't want to bleach the extensions.



  1. Stop hurting your hair!
    And I prefer you with darker hair.

  2. hahaha i know, my poor hair :(
    yeah lots of people do but i hate it! it's so weird.