Monday, 13 June 2011

extra money, extra purchases ★

ok so today was a public holiday and i was working which means double time and a half.
i worked 5 hours today and that means an extra $95 pay this week, yay!
because i've made basically double i'm going to save double.
i'll be getting paid around $196 on friday, so i'm going to save $100 of that. that will leave me with $96.
$6 goes to my gym contribution, obviously leaving me with $90.
then i need to buy credit, which makes my leisure total $60.
i want to buy some merch online and then save absolutely as much as i can. i want my new piercings soon, plus End Of Financial Year Sales are on very soon and i need money so i can look out for good specials.
i need to do better than this week, only decent thing i bought was a t-shirt for $30 and all of my money is gone.

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