Sunday, 15 May 2011

plan for the week

bit stressed, it's my brothers 19th birthday on wednesday and i haven't gotten him anything nor do i know how i'm meant to afford a present. spent most of my money from this week and i won't get paid before his birthday. #DILEMMAAA
i also don't know what to get him in the first place. i'm the worst at shopping for people.
so i have to find a present for him like, asap.

mum is going to call the gym tomorrow and see if there is still a 'no joining fee' deal going on. if not i'll either have to wait to join or pay mum back. but i'd really like to join this week. i've remembered just how much i hate tweed valley sport, so i'd like to leave every wednesday afternoon and go to the gym as well. that way i'd ACTUALLY be doing exercise and not be miserable. i hope i can join this week though, i really do.
i also need to eat healthy again. my period is over now and my chocolate cravings are gone, so my aim is to eat smaller, healthy meals.

on friday when i get paid i'm going to buy a set of scales and decorate them with pretty stuff. i want to weigh myself every day and my aim is to lose 5kg. i honestly think i'm so fat and i want to be stick thin. i also need to stop drinking, smoking and doing drugs so much, but it really is hard.

i got a few results back last week in relation to work i did last term and over the holidays.
i got:
13/15 in an english task
9.5/10 in an english assignment
38/40 in a science assignment.
i should be getting more results back this week for science and history, and when i do i'm going to take all these results to mum, and and tell her i deserve a new piercing. she keeps saying no because i stretch my lobes and she asks me not to, but i deserve more holes.

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