Sunday, 22 May 2011

beauty products i want!

omg so many. next week i want to save as much money as possible but i want to definitely buy a lovely bath set with some lotions etc. i need to take more care of my skin in winter. i already have super sensitive skin and i have lots of allergies and get all kinds of rashes if my skin doesn't stay hydrated or comes into contact with certain things (eg hairspray). in winter my skin is already dry and i have to pay special attention to my hands in particular. every night before bed i put lotion on my hands and it really does make a difference. i also want to stop letting long pants get the best of me. because it's winter my legs are almost always covered by jeans, track pants or tights and because of this fact i never seem to shave my legs anymore. my poor boyfriend.
but because of this, my legs dry out. i only seem to moisturize my legs when they're smooth because otherwise they feel gross to touch etc and this means they're nearly always dry. so i will attempt to shave more regularly and, In turn, make my legs smooth. i also REALLY want to buy that new dove 7 day moisture cream. i realise it won't last a week but i think it would be heaps good. i'm going to try not to buy too much with next weeks pay, at least now i know the gym has a scale i don't have some cos they're expensive. just gonna buy some lotions etc and a compact mirror for my makeup purse, i'll buy some stickers from work and cover it and make it cute. i want to know where i can buy marijuana stickers. anyone??? might have to even order some online.
i'm glad i didn't buy that hair dye the other day. i think i might finally be getting my foils done on the weekend, but i don't know if i should dye all of my hair the one colour first?
anyway, wish me luck.


  1. I rarely shave my legs ever now, I am far too lazy and don't see the point most of the time. The only one close enough to my legs to notice is Gage and he doesn't care much.

  2. I never shave my legs, unless I know I am going to wear shorts the next day.

  3. haha meg, juleyin doesn't care much either but omg i hate the feeling of prickly legs.