Monday, 23 May 2011

so i told him,

worked out marvellously. stormed out, leaving me crying in his bed, got left in the rain and had to call my brother to get me.

i don't even recognize this man anymore. what have i done? i don't even comprehend how i could take the sweetest, kindest person in the world and make him behave like this.
i'm stopping drinking, that's it. when i go to parties i am just going to smoke weed and socialize, not get pissed act slutty and dance all night.

my main focus from here till zip is to be a loyal, wonderful girlfriend. i've been lucky enough to score the best boyfriend in the world and i keep trying to throw it all away. i'm determined to change this.
first of all, no more alcohol. which of course means, STAY FAITHFUL YOU WHOREISH CUNT.
next, trying to give more space to him and not getting so jealous.

ok gonna stop there. i do realise you can't plan out how to be a good girlfriend but i'm terrified and i can't lose him.

juleyin ray tutt, i've never met anyone quite like you. you're the most amazing man in my life and i'll never need anyone but you. i couldn't bear to lose you, you complete me, you make me a better person. you're the best thing for me and i'll never give up. you've been there through everything and i'm happy to say you're the only one to have done that. you're the one i need to get me through the day, and i never want to see you hurt ever again. i would do anything for you.
i'm in love with you, and you have no idea how hard i'm willing to fight for us.

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