Thursday, 7 April 2011

in holiday mode,

it's pretty snazzy.
tomorrow is my last "official" day of school, but fuck going. i think i'll duck in for a few minutes to hand in some assignments, cos well i have to or i fail the course.. but anyway. i'm planning on bribing my boyfriend into driving me because i could no where near be bothered to walk down to school and then catch a bus to his anyway, so hopefully that works out. i'm not sure if i have to sign in as a visitor or just not sign in at all? i'll just walk in, hand it in and be gone.

this was taken today in the car, looking pretty bitchin' in my school uniform.

new topic.
holy mother of jesus. my computer is actually proper fucked. or, was. we got it back today, and it's been completely reformatted. i was so scared that i had lost all my photos, but luckily the guy backed it all up before wiping the computer. i also don't exactly know how to use wordpress, but it's really for my own benefit so i'm not too bothered. i just wish it would look prettier. my luck with technology is the worst, dead set.

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