Saturday, 9 April 2011

happy, but sick!

yesterday was pretty wonderful, but i ended up being at school for far longer than i wanted to be. ran around to literally every classroom in the school looking for the teachers i needed to hand assignments to. also got my year ten shirt, it's tiny and i'm in love with it. i can't wait to get my lower navel pierced so i can show off my pretty midriff. without any piercings in my tummy i hate showing it off for some reason. like, i feel it's too bland or something. after we went to school yesterday juleyin and i saw jamesy, who is one of our best friends who moved to sydney at the start of the year. we used to have parties at his house all the time, and it was so much fun. he's a bit of a weed fiend so we always had chops at his house and went places, it was great. anyway he moved back and now lives on the corner of the street our school is on! hope i don't wag and go see him. so we went there and chilled for a bit, and then juleyin and i went to tweed mall because i needed to go to the bank. i opened up a new youthsaver account and set up my netbanking. i'm pretty excited. once this trip is over i'm going to start putting $50 away per week into this new account, because i'm saving for a new laptop which i need so bad. then hopefully in a few months i will have it! ^-^ mummy said she'll put a few hundred in as an early christmas present. and now that i set up netbanking i can transfer the money as soon as i get paid so that way i don't accidentally spend it :D


then after the bank yesterday we went back to juleyin's house and had some food, then layed in bed for an hour or so. it was so lovely, and i had the most wondrous power nap. then i came home and took some photos because i needed new ones.

[caption id="attachment_20" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="i'm cute"][/caption]


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