Wednesday, 6 April 2011

english "conflict" story.

Me, First.

“Oh, shut it Alex,” said Cassandra, pacing in utter frustration. “I’m sick of your irresponsible actions leaving us in the shit.” Cassandra was the controlled one of the pair, the one to do her homework, to say ‘no’, more or less. Alex believed in ‘living in the moment’, which usually leaved them in serious trouble. Perhaps Alex saw Cassandra as her safety net, knowing she’d be there to pick up the pieces after she’d had her fun.

“Cassandra, breakfast! Get down here!” exclaimed their mother, Anna, though some would not have given her that title, considering her ignorance. “Yes, Anna?” Cassandra said anxiously as she entered the kitchen. She hadn’t called her ‘mum’ since she was old enough to understand emotional abuse, or the pain her mother caused her with her incompetence. Though she slightly resented Anna, she still had a great deal of respect for her, and more than anything, an immense fear of her. “Did you have a good night, then?” Anna said sternly. Cassandra gave an expression of over-exaggerated confusion. “Where did you sneak off to? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? The kind of trouble you could have gotten yourself into?”
“It was Alex! I had nothing to do with it, talk to her about it!” said Cassandra, defensively.
“Cassandra Jaid Stephens, don’t you dare try and blame your own stupidity on this so called ‘illness’ you’ve convinced yourself you have.” These words made little to no sense to Cassandra.
“What on earth are you talking about? I don’t have any illness! Look, the only reason I even told you about Alex was because I was scared she would start talking to you. YOU were the one who went berserk and sent me to the doctor.” After a long pause, Anna spoke.
“Look, Cassandra, this is hard for me you know. Have you been taking your medication?”
“Yes.” replied Cassandra, harshly.
“Ok well I think it’s time we took another trip to see Doctor Phillips,” continued Anna, “you’re clearly not coping.” Cassandra walked off silently back to her room, having already blocked out the rest of the world.

Once Cassandra got back to the safety and privacy of her own room, she sat down on her bed, preparing to cry vigorously. Then, of course, after Cassandra had dealt with all the consequences, Alex returned.
“Ha-ha, that was intense!” Alex mocked. Cassandra marched to the mirror and stared into the reflection with complete fury. “Have you any idea the trouble you cause me? Ugh, you just don’t understand, Alex!” Cassandra began pacing, and then stopped and looked in the mirror again. “Just out of curiosity, what did we get up to last night?”
“Oh my god it was sooo fun,” Alex gushed. “We met up with Michael and Liam, and then we went to this party. There was some pills, some sex, but UGH it was amazing. Anyway I won’t bore you with the details.”
“Are. You kidding me.” Cassandra stood, completely shocked. “I.. I actually can’t believe you.”
“Oh come on Cass, it was just a bit of fun! It was totally fine, we were safe.”
“You say fun, I say suicide!” Cassandra sat down again, now more sad than angry.
“Ok, I’m sorry,” Alex began. “I know we don’t always get along, but seriously sis, you need to blow off some steam once in a while. You work yourself to the bone with school and study, and let’s face it; we have a bitch for a mother. She doesn’t even believe I exist! Come out with me tonight, nothing crazy, just getting away from everything. I promise I won’t kick you out like last night.”
Cassandra sighed. “Fine, but no funny business.”
“Yes!! It’ll be great, I promise.”
“So what’s the plan?”
“Ok so there’s this party tonight, underground. Best rave scene there is.”
“How far away, Alex?”
“Only a few hours’ drive I swear. We’d be back by tomorrow, maybe mid-morning?”
“Ok fine, but only one problem, we don’t have a car?”
“Already sorted out. Some friends will pick us up this afternoon, tell Anna we’re staying at a friend’s house, it is Friday after all.”
“Yeah, like she’d buy that. She’s already pissed enough at me!”
“Ok, let me talk to her then,” Alex said confidently. “Please, Cass. I won’t screw this up, I promise.”

Alex almost stalked down the stairs, overjoyed yet amused at the fact she had gotten her own way. She skipped into the lounge room where she found Anna reading some rubbish tabloid, Alex tried not to giggle.
“Hey Anna, I’m going to stay at a friends’ house tonight, that cool?”
“You’re kidding me, right?” Anna replied, looking at Alex over the top of her glasses.
“Nope.” Alex replied, smugly.
“Absolutely not, you were gone all of last night. With all due respect, I don’t even know what goes through your head sometimes.”
“With no due respect whatsoever, I’m seventeen years old. I have every right to go out when I please. And I am going out tonight.” Alex walked cheerfully out of the room.
Anna was absolutely dumbfounded. Never had her daughter spoken to her with such disrespect, it was like she was a completely different person.

Alex returned to her bedroom. Immediately Cassandra said “Oh my gosh!! I can’t believe you just said that. I’m furious, but, good work.” Alex walked over to the mirror and winked.
“Come on,” she said, “let’s go to school.

When Cassandra returned from school, she was in the most wondrous mood. She had let Alex voice her opinion all day, and she felt so confident because of it. The two girls were finally getting along, and they were both happy because of it. A few hours passed, and they walked out the door holding a backpack, without saying a word to Anna. Alex took charge and started walking down the street.
“Ok, so exactly where are we going?” Cassandra asked, now starting to let her paranoia shine through.
“But ah, isn’t that half the fun?” Alex said, grinning to herself as they walked towards the city lights.

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