Wednesday, 25 April 2012

bits and pieces

today is ANZAC day. this doesn't hold much relevance to me, i am thankful and all that but my family doesn't really do anything special to celebrate. this morning we went for brunch at my nan & pop's house, it was nice and i am happy because i didn't eat a single thing.
afterwards we came home and then went off to the shops because i needed a few things - i am off to biology camp tomorrow morning and would not have gotten another chance. i bought a new memory card for my digital camera so i can take it to camp with me, comfy underwear, new foundation and lip gloss, slippers and the cutest white beanie.
a lot of these items weren't even for camp but i just couldn't resist. it was just my mother and i when we bought these too, i love spending time with her.

i was looking forward to camp but now i am uncertain. i have been feeling plain horrible today with no reason why. i had an awful dream, which didn't start the day off well, and i have had excruciating pains in my stomach for days now. i also had to take painkillers this morning, which did not sit well with me. i hate pain medication after all it put my body through.

anyway, because of camp i won't be updating for a few days, but (if i get service out there) i will be posting on twitter, which you can follow here if you'd like :-)




smile smile, medusa wants to hide behind septum


new foundation and lip gloss :-)


  1. Aww that picture of you in the beanie is so cute!

  2. hope you feel better sweetie! happy to follow back <3 keep in touch!

    xx james

  3. Gorgeous! Love the beanie and pink lip!

    PS. We’ve a $75 Giveaway to PLNDR on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!


  4. You have flawlessly pretty skin and eyes!!!

    1. ah thankyou, that means so much to me!
      <3 <3

  5. The last picture, weow, I love the color of your lips, what's le shade?

    1. a combination of different lipsticks and glosses that i have x