Monday, 19 March 2012


in desperate need of new piercings, bigger stretchers and tattoos.
unfortunately i'm at a loss as far as money goes. nevertheless, tomorrow i am getting my medusa pierced! i am unbelievably excited. i have been re-scheduled twice already so i am trying to not get too excited in case it doesn't happen for whatever reason, but my luck can't be that bad can it?
my appointment is in the afternoon so i will call around midday to confirm my appointment and how much money i need for it. zaccy is coming with me, thank god. i'm scared but mostly excited. i am also a little concerned that my septum might knock my new piercing. i have recently stretched it to 14gauge and the ring is a big bigger, and the ball sits exactly where my medusa is going to be. i may have to buy a small 14g horseshoe but i don't know if i have enough money for that.. i eventually want to stretch my septum to a 12 or 10 gauge with a silver crescent-type pincher.
here is a picture off the internet of the size my septum is and where it will sit near my medusa.

i also recently upsized my right lobe to 20mm. unfortunately my left isn't ready to go up to 18mm yet so i am left with one 16mm and one 20mm. this annoys me so much. this means i also need to buy an 18mm squishy so my ear will stretch even if it's not ready, because i usually just wait-stretch (wait until i have enough room to put a bigger stretcher in painlessly). so that's another thing i need around $10 for. not working is killing me but i am nowhere near ready to start looking for another job.
tattoos have also been on my mind a shit load, but being broke and under 18 makes that very difficult. i know quite a few people who would tattoo me but i am terrified of home jobs, like legit terrified. i know i have my shitty home job cross on my toe but that is faded to all hell now, and i actually loved it when i first got it done. i would like someone to go over it soon.
i just want to cover myself in beautiful tattoos and be happy forever.

my shitty, home job..

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