Saturday, 12 November 2011

day of shopping

best kind of day.
for me, at least.

today my boyfriend and i drove to harbour town, which is a big shopping centre composed mainly of factory outlets etc so things are generally a lot cheaper.
unfortunately we were driving up in his mum's car because she has borrowed his car for a few days ~ long story short it broke down and yesterday we had to drive to lismore to pick it up from the mechanics. everyone seems to hate lismore, but i think it's beautiful. maybe the people aren't, but i love all the old cathedrals and beautiful countryside that we drove past on our way there/once we got were there. my absolute dream is to live in a country town, in an old elizabethan country house with beautiful trees out the front with wonderful flowers and a swing attached to it. i would make my money off a little store in town that i owned that would sell things like clothing, ornaments, sewing/knitting utensils, candles/dreamcatchers etc and nic-nacs.

so anyway we drove up to harbour town, mainly because juleyin needed a new button up (business) shirt for his formal which is this tuesday.

after a few hours of browsing through menswear stores (omg most boring experience of my life) i was sort of allowed to "go off" and shop for myself ahah. my boyfriend is so cute when it comes to shopping for things he wants/needs. we both fight over where to go first.

so he bought his shirt and some cuff links, and i bought two pairs of shoes (all up $30) and a pair of high waisted jeans, a velvet jacket and a beautiful dress (all up $35) i'm the best bargain shopper.

- high waisted jeans.

high waisted jeans

jeans, further back

- business-like dress.

business-like dress

dress, close up

dress, different angle

- velvet jacket with metallic beading.

velvet jacket with beautiful beading, you can't see the beading properly because of the flash :-(

side view, my side-profile is just shocking

back view of the velvet jacket

- pointed flats with a slight platform. favourite purchase of the day.

favourite purchase of the day, slightly platform pointed shoes

better view of the point

- cream and beige floral flats.

floral flats

other view

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