Friday, 30 September 2011

hate working, need money.

i fucking hate working, seriously considering quitting my job for no reason whatsoever.

i suppose i was just thinking about last year - having bright pink hair, getting drunk and stoned every single day, having no responsibilities and not giving a single fuck.
i miss that, y'know?

i just hate not being able to do things because i have work the next day or in the afternoon.

i'm just lazy, i'm just rambling.

but i need to work, i have so many things i need money for.
the most imminent on that list would be:

  • asking alexandria/skyway/amity ticket ($50)

  • those doc martens i saw ($250)

  • and new hair extensions ($100ish)

extensions aren't that urgent but these ones are pretty much ruined, and i'll need new ones before the 4th of november,which is my formal.

i'm just a mess, about everything and every one and i don't know what to do and i can't bring myself to make my blog more organised again.


  1. i swear you bought new ones not that long ago

  2. i've only been wearing these ones for a few weeks, that's what's so horrible about it all.
    i just wrecked them by curling them twice with a curling iron, maybe they were shit quality or something but they frizzled right up and i had to hack off about half the length.
    but i've found a way to curl them without using a hot iron so i hopefully won't wreck my next set!

  3. I have about 50 extension clips in my head. Blehhhh.

  4. how do you have room for all of them?! if i have too many they're too obvious.
    i want permanent ones, but i need to save.