Monday, 18 July 2011

new holes

i'm incredibly keen.
so it turns out that i didn't get my reverse navel done after all, it's actually a surface piercing (goes in and exits on flat skin).
it hurt a little more than i expected, but that's understandable. it went through a lot of flesh and the gauge was thicker.
there's a few downsides to this sort of piercing though. it takes a lot longer to heal (16 weeks instead of 4-8 with a normal belly piercing) and it has the chance of growing out. but my piercer says that if you get it done professionally, and take good care of it, it shouldn't grow out and that she's never had any problems with any of hers. this makes me feel a lot better.

i'm actually dead-set in love with it though.
i feel more comfortable showing my tummy already and the piercing draws attention away from my flabby stomach.

just after getting it pierced, it's all red haha.

in the chair looking fucking munted.

after getting back to juleyin's after a party. yes this is what i wear to parties.

take note of my bloody elbows... :c

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