Sunday, 29 May 2011

next year, for me specifically

so. excited.
so many things will be different. this year for me is the most pointless, irrelevant bullshit ever. now that we have to stay till we're 17 by law the school certificate doesn't matter anymore! they've even said they're taking it out. i just want to be in senior school already. i want to study things that i like, i want to put more effort in because i'll be motivated to, and most of all i can't wait to be 16.
and extra money from youth allowance, and i'll be earning more. i'd also have more freedom but that's not really an issue, i basically am allowed to do whatever i want anyway. i'm just looking forward to having extra cash so i'll be able to save more per week.
i'm still unsure about what next year entails for juleyin and i though. if he moves to brisbane for study, though i said i'd move with him i just don't think it will be practical. i'll get preoccupied and my marks will suffer for it, plus it would be hard to ever study. correction, *harder.
i hope more than anything that we stay together. i'll have to make do with seeing him like, one day and one night a week. if he isn't working too often i was thinking i could go up there friday nights, stay there that night and come back saturday, i'd stay all weekend but i have work. merh. just can't wait for school, money and piercings. then i'll be a happy chappy.

but of course none of that will help with my dire need for friends.

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