Saturday, 21 May 2011

need to dye my hair

so badly! seriously. today i was so close to buying dark, natural blonde hair dye just because i'm so fucking bored. not only is this hair colour dull and boring, but it no longer matches the colour of my extensions and i need to dye both of them. i really, really want permanent extensions but they're just so expensive and i'm not sure if i could afford the upkeep. maybe in a few months i could think about it again, or after i buy my laptop, but that won't be till towards the end of the year.
i am working on managing my finances better, but it is proving difficult. i guess i just have to learn to not buy everything i want. i really don't want to buy anything at work tomorrow, i want to buy some bed socks but that's all.
omg i need money.

today i went shopping at robina with my brother just for really something to do. i bought a couple of things but i'm glad i did, i was feeling very sad today and shopping always cheers me up. i bought a lovely bra for $8 which was awesome, a whole lot of gum because i never seem to have any/have enough, a good pair of joggers for the gym, some hair ties and a little bottle of olive butter for my dry hands. the olive butter was a dollar from kmart, i might go back and get a whole bunch if it's good.
anyway, i spent a lot more than i had intended to, but that's something i'll just have to work on.

vv the new bra i bought today. lately i've been wearing my red bandanna and red lipstick, this seemed fitting.


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