Saturday, 28 May 2011


so many, so excited!!
i just missed out on destroy music, which i'm totally devo'd about. my good friend couldn't go anymore because she had no way home, so she was going to sell me her ticket for $30. it's on this saturday night and mum said no because i have work sunday and she doesn't want me going to brisbane at night :'( i would have argued more but she's just out of hospital and i don't want to stir anything more than i have to. i looked at the lineup for soundwave revolution and it looks so amazing. i really only want to go because of whitechapel, they're one of my favourite bands and i cannot die until i've seen them, suicide silence, t.mills and the black dahlia murder live. tickets are around $170 which isn't that much, and juleyin said he would go with me even though he doesn't like that music! :3 i'm so excited! it's gonna be so hard to save for though, lol. might ask mum to pay for it and i'll pay her back? /good idea daisy! not sure if mummy will though.. :/
i'll also have to start saving soon for splendour in the grass. not sure when it is exactly, but juleyin's friend hayden wants us to come with him and camp out, sounds like so much fun. it's around $300 so i better start saving asap. wow. i'm spending $500 on two music festivals. LOL.

ok i have $27 left in my account at the moment. $6 is for mum for the gym. then i'll have $20 left and i want to give that to mum for my vans now, otherwise i'll spend it. or i suppose i could withdraw it and keep it in my money tin. then on friday when i get paid i'll put another $30 in and then mum and i will pay $50 each for my vans :) i need them for school so mum said she would go halves with me. except then i'll only have like, $15 for the rest of the week. and i'm going out friday night and sunday night :l i'm fucked. but shoes for school are a priority, and i'll wear them at work and on the weekends too so it'll be worth it. i'm not really bothered that i won't have money for drugs or drinks at the party, just that i won't have much money for dinner etc or any money for sunday night. (next sunday night is mine and juleyin's one year anniversary and we're going out) but i presume he'll be paying that night.
i don't know. money is just a big issue at the moment.

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