Sunday, 24 February 2013

alone again: 3.0


a week or so ago, i lost my boyfriend for the second time. i honestly have no idea if i will get him back this time around.
the last week has been a surge of self-loathing and realisations, and i'm determined to not let this ruin me. i have taken quite a bit of time off school since things have been so hard for me as of late (even before the break up), and tomorrow i start again. i am terrified, and doubtful, and feeling the pressure. it's not like last year, i can no longer afford to take time off to get myself together. this is it, i only have two more terms left and i'm petrified.
i am attempting to channel my pain into productive things, and to really buckle down and give this everything i have. i just have to make it to the end of the year.

my focus over the next few weeks is to be driven, focused, and leave partying for the weekends.
i hate that i've lost you, but i may have just found myself.

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