Tuesday, 13 December 2011

hair - update and plans

tonight i dyed my hair all black again. it's getting a bit healthier, (slowly), but i'm happy with it as it's grown a fair amount.

i really want to stay dark for as long as possible. i'm sure my hair will thank me in the long run and i look so much better with dark hair! i want to order some new, longer extensions as soon as i have the money to, and hopefully that's in the near future. the only thing i don't like about my hair at the moment is how short my fringe is and how my extensions are so thin and short. i'm way too excited for new ones.

i'm rather proud of myself for leaving my hair alone for as long as i have. i've gone at least two months without dying (bleaching) my hair, the only thing i've been doing is re-dying the green that was in it and re-dying the black because it fades so quickly on my dead hair.
though, for the past few weeks i haven't even been bothered about doing the green, it's just been some shitty ugly grey colour. (grey sounds nice but this was just weird). so lately i've just been washing it, treating it and then putting a leave-in treatment in as well as using argon oil on my ends, which has helped so much!!!

there's seriously nothing i love more than hair treatments and face masks and manicures/pedicures, i'm such a girly girl and i love it. i love being pampered, one day i want someone to take me to a spa or something where i can feel wonderful all day.

my routine for my hair every three days or so ~ shampoo & conditioner for my damaged hair, protein treatment that i leave in for around 15 minutes, then after i rinse that out a leave-in, creamy treatment; and then when my hair is almost dry i put the argon oil treatment all over my ends, which really helps. sometimes if i use too much my hair can feel greasy but at least it's getting healthier n_n

wish me luck on letting my hair grow and stay healthy !
i'll post some photos in the morning of my new hair.

xoxo~ ☯☯☯

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