Saturday, 24 September 2011

i need someone new in my life

i am completely alone in the world.

my boyfriend is here but it doesn't feel like it, he has become so selfish and we never seem happy any more, we spend time together and i'll just be angry or he'll be rude and i'll cry but won't let him see because i'm too proud.

i suppose if he was gone things would be a lot worse

i just want someone to spend time with and take photos with and go shopping with and help me dye my hair and wax my bikini line for me and all the wonderful things girls like me do


  1. I would do all that, minus the waxing bit...You know, I think you would get along greatly with my boyfriend as bad as that sounds. Not that he is girly, but you have a sort of rough edge about you but it's kind of, bleh I don't know a good kind, and so does he. I would be your friend too :)