Monday, 12 September 2011

hair, of course

i am quite pissed off, to be honest. i'm pissed off at myself for never being happy with my hair, i wish i could just leave it alone, leave it black, but i just get too bored. the worst part is that it actually looks a lot better dark.
but blonde is fun, keeps me entertained and i think it looks alright, it will look better once i've gotten rid of the few orange bits at the back of my hair.
i want to buy some silver toner to put through it as well, i want to eventually get it silvery white, it will make it nice and even if it does wash out my face (being blonde that is) it won't matter because my hair will be a beautiful amazing colour. but it's weird you know, like everyone says it doesn't suit me because i'm so pale, but people like sophie suit being blonde - even white, and their skin is a lot paler than mine.
i don't even care really, it looks alright and i'm happy, my opinion is the only one that matters right?
here's some photos.

on friday night i /poorly/ learned to play guitar. bitches love guitars.

^ a photo of me on saturday morning, juleyin and i went to brunch with my whole family, this was in the car after we were leaving.

haha, we're cute. before i went to a "battle of the bands" on saturday night.


i think that once i get the orange bits to fuck off out of my hair, when i tone it and treat it i am going to mix a little bit of blue into the mixture. just a little. i still have basically a full tub from my birthday at the start of the year, and it would be good to just have a tiny hint. just enough that it's noticeable but not so much that i actually have blue hair. i think it will turn out good. i hope so. i might do it in a week or so, i just have to wait a while before i can bleach away the orange parts.


  1. Sophie and you have completely different skin colours. People say my white washes me out and it's the colour I stay. BLONDE/WHITE HAIR WOOH!

  2. But I do prefer your dark hair.

  3. yeah i do too :( but it just bores the crap out of me!

  4. hahahah yes blonde hair all the way! ;D