Monday, 19 September 2011

bella maree wong.

our new baby :')

went to go see her on saturday, here are some assorted photos.

^mummy and bella :)

she is so amazing. she has a wonderful personality, she's so cuddle and floppy yet she's the littlest and most playful/active of the five babies.
she is 6 weeks old now and we are allowed to take her home at the 8 week mark. this will either be in the second week of my holidays or the first week back at school. i hope it's during the holidays. then i can spend the second week studying for my exams first week back at school and cuddling our new baby.

i had such a connection with her as well, mummy definitely chose the right puppy. she is 100% perfect, and definitely ours.

maybe she will bring what i've been looking for into my life, into all our lives. like if she was here right now i wouldn't feel so lonely and all over the place, she can watch tv with me and cuddle me and help me not be scared all of the time.


  1. Naww so adorable. Gage had one but his Mom gave it away after about a month, so sad, I want her back!

  2. Holy Moly! Your hair looks absolutely amazing! I love it.
    Connor's father said that we might be able to get a dog but he says maybe no just yet. I have been asking for weeks!

  3. awh thankyou :) i'm actually happy with my hair for once haha.
    awh, i love puppies!! i hope for your sake you're allowed c:

  4. i'm so excited, omg it will complete my life

  5. I love how you have blended the aqua with your blonde. It suits you because of your lovely skin tone. I know I want a puppy :C But I won't be here long anyway.

  6. oh ok, where do you think you'll be moving to?