Monday, 29 August 2011

29th of august

today has been ok, but at the same time pretty shitty.
i have felt like shit all day, i have felt so fucking out of place and UGH just been sad for so long, i can't help it and i wish i could and i wish i could feel at peace at school, i wish i could feel like i belong and i also wish i didn't care so much.

i wish that i looked different, i wish that i was cool with cool hair and cool clothes and cool websites and blogs but no.
i wish i was looked up to by people, i wish i was inspirational, artistic, anything but this.


today was shit, shit people in shit classes and shit me with no one to talk to.
after school i went to my nan's house with my cousin ayla, it's the only real time we've spent together in so long.
we cuddled up together in bed and watched titanic, one of our favourite movies.
gypsy darling had some nice cuddles with us too.

<img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-484" title="gypsy

then mum picked me up and we got some groceries, then went home. while at the shopping village mummy bought me a cute makeup organiser, she's so thoughtful.

then i had a shower, had dinner, other assorted things which leads me to now.
feeling like complete and utter shit.
had a discussion about the puppy we're meant to be getting and mum isn't sure anymore, because soon adam will have moved out and within two years i will have too.
then mum will have to get a smaller place, most likely and apartment, and you can't have pets there.

it's sad, but i think it's just another thing making me so upset. i need a drink.


  1. That make-up organiser is so perfect, where is it from?

  2. I really am curious to know, are you asian?

  3. haha yes i am, i am chinese :)
    how did you know?

  4. it's from the chemist down at the banora shopping village for $10, great find :)

  5. Your eyes and your facial structure. That's pretty cool. Full?