Tuesday, 5 July 2011

first impressions

i am honestly the worst at them. swear to god.

today made me realise that. i met this guy for the first time today.
i was like "hey, i'm daisy" and he was like "you're daisy wong. everyone knows you, how could you think i don't know you? i know everything about you."
i was half creeped out half flattered.
anyway, i realised throughout the day i talk about sex quite a bit, every five seconds i light up another smoke and i'm really big on public displays of affection. also, all the people i hang out with are dudes so i must seem like a blokey-slut.

does that make sense?

i also laugh at everything, making me seem stupid (i'm actually very intelligent but i'm just socially slow and awkward), and i tend to do silly things and constantly sound out of it.
not to mention the way i stare off all the time and my abnormally-squeaky voice which i'm sure must annoy the people who don't know me well.

long story short, i shouldn't meet new people.
and then when i meet new people when i'm drunk it's like all of that on steroids.

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