Tuesday, 28 June 2011

~irrelevant small things~ i need to buy.

there are a lot of things that i really want and need to make me content right now.

i need some things to do up my journal, so far this is what it looks like.

haha, the stickers on the top say "MOTHER CUNTING TIT FUCK"

vans sticker and one that says "hardcore" aha

"stoner boner"
lettered stickers are the best thing that's ever happened to me.

so anyway, that's how it's going. but i need to buy:
- silver rhinestones to put the word CUNT in the middle
- pink muffin decal stickers to go above the rhinestones
- other cool stickers online to fill the book with. c:

i actually love stickers that much, i feel like a little kid playing and it makes me so happy, they make my st00f look cool.

i also need/want to buy~:
- creepers. i forgot how fucking cool they are and i want cool shoes to wear when i like go out etc. my vans will always be day-to-day shoes but i want something to wear when i go out shopping somewhere out of tweed or something.

-  team sheen shirt. to be blunt, i fucking love charlie sheen and i need a shirt soooooooo badly. srs. i need one.

- a good belt that can attach belt buckles. i have found so many cool belt buckles, thing is ~ i don't have a belt that can change buckles lol. as a matter of fact i don't have any good belts at all at the moment, my friend borrowed mine and i never got it back.

- septum ring. the one that i have now used to be a beautiful metallic navy blue, now it's faded to a gross metal colour, it's not even silver it's just a weird faded colour. i'm going to just buy a nice silver one this time.

- iron-on patches. i bought a really cute button up tee for three dollars, but it's a plain pale blue because it was for children's school uniforms and i want to cover it with cute iron-on patches and do it up. i think it could look nice. i also want to use them on a denim jacket.

- monte marte 24 pack of coloured pencils. we have them at work for $10-something and i get a 20% discount. i need good colours to work on my tat designs, and i don't really have any good quality ones anymore.

- pencil case. i also need something nice and cute to hold all my coloured stuff, my everyday pencil case just has pens etc in it and it's tiny.

- more skin coloured stockings. mine all have ladders and look ridiculous.

- denim-patterned vans. super cute. something to wear with dresses. this isn't a very high priority on this list.

- denim jacket. sorry for being such a "trend follower", i need one to cover in buttons, iron-on patches and other cool shit.

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