Monday, 27 June 2011

bought said oversized handbag!!!

for $40!! like what the shit man, that's crazy.
the way i see it i just saved myself $160, i was looking to pay $200 and this bag was far nicer than any of the ones i've seen anyway. it fits all the criteria. it's huge, i can fit bucket loads in there, it has lots of compartments and it stands out. it's black but it has a giant decal flower on the front. it will make so many outfits instantaneously stylish. go daisy ;)
also i can take it with me when i'm going out for the day and night, i could fit  a pack of clothes for the next day and a singlet or jumper to sleep in etc. i'm so excited, i want to go away and use it lol. in the holidays n_n

i'm thinking that we go away in the first week, and party tonnes, then the second week i can get my piercing/s and do my assignments, because i can't drink with new piercings.

anyway, i am extremely happy with the purchases i've made this week, the next thing on my list would be my soundwave revolution ticket. i'll give like $20-$30 a week to mum to pay her back for it, and we really need to get it this weekend because i'm terrified they'll sell out and i'll be left miserable for not seeing Whitechapel live. i cannot die until i see them, T.Mills, Suicide Silence and The Black Dahlia Murder live.

anyway, here's the bag: i think it's wonderful and i have to take care of it because i want it to be an accessory as well, not just something to hold all my shit and get thrown around.

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