Wednesday, 18 May 2011

a toast to the past

today i hung out with my ex fiance, who obviously used to be a huge part of my life. it was really lovely even if it did feel a little strange. our relationship was way too complicated and strange that it's not worth me explaining it, (and really, i don't really want to) so - simply put, i would have died for him. when i'm on the home computer next i'll upload a photo so you can see how we were together and how different/young i looked. when we started dating i was 12, how crazy is that!

ANYWAY. today was my brother's birthday. i didn't want him to be at home alone and it's sport day so all the periods are stupid and short and pointless. plus i REALLY needed a good sleep, sif it ever happens with my lifestyle. so i got up at six, gave adam my present and went back to bed. next thing i know i'm waking up and it's 11:30am. that makes me so happy. i had planned on going to the gym today but decided not too. i'd be really scared and embarrassed going in by myself and ayla said she'd go in with me on friday after school. i'm so excited! i'll no doubt blog about it friday night afterwards.
i ate so much chinese and birthday cake tonight that my stomach is gargantuan. i actually think i'm the grossest, fattest person alive.

so after my giant sleep i got up, had some cereal and took my morning pills. i had been texting shaun cos i wanted to hang but then he didn't reply for ages -_- stupid cunt. (lol i'm totally kidding)
after ages we finally figured out what we were doing, and as soon as i left the house it started pissing down rain. i met up with the lovely lewis and we walked down to near where shaun lives. i had chronic fucking nostalgia because when we started dating i was too young and couldn't see him. so every night i'd sneak out and walk to his house that same way. i hadn't walked down there since we were together, and we broke up well over a year ago, so that's quite a while. we smoked by the river, talked about the issues between both our relationships and it was really funny to think how we've matured enough to be friends after all this time. we used to hate each other. we also saw a giant pufferfish washed up on the beach. it was alive, but barely. i started crying so lewis took his shoes off, grabbed a stick and put it back in the river. eventually he started swimming, i hope he was ok :(
then after a while i walked home. it was a pretty worthwhile day.

below is a photo of the giant pufferfish and what i looked like today.


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