Monday, 30 May 2011

finances for the next month

got so bored at work yesterday and i worked it all out. had nothing to do but stand at the register all day so i started doodling and worked out my expenses for the next month, or the next four weeks. friday is my payday, bee tee dubbz.

3rd of june (this friday) - $100. then take out $50 for my usual savings, then take out $30 to finish paying for my vans. (WHICH I GET FRIDAY ARVO EEEEEE! :3) then minus another $6 for the gym and i'm left with $14 for the week. this is going to be difficult, i'm going out both friday and sunday night. and i need to think of something to buy/make juleyin for our anniversary. i'll probably have to ask mum for money for dinner on friday night, i feel bad about that. i'll have to be super tight and not waste money on like, maccas or some shit. if i have any money left by next payday i'll withdraw it and put it in my money tin to go towards my phone bill. doubt i will though, i'll probably end up buying smokes or some shit. /bad daisy and your poor attempt of quitting

10th of june - $100. $50 out for usual savings, then $6 for gym. then i need to buy moroccan oil, a really good hair product that i've heard of and decided to buy after meg referred it to me c: (thanks cutie). it's around $25. then i'll be left with $20 left for the rest of the week, and i need to save as much of that as possible because the week after i'm broke and i'll also have to pay my phone bill around this time. every dollar counts for me.

17th of june - $100. $50 for my usual savings, then $6 for gym. then, (if the offer is still going) i'll be spending $50 on some new piercings, leaving me with $0. (i do realise i won't have enough for my gym contribution if i spend $50 on piercings but that's where my saving skills come in). ok, a bit of background info. aside from saving half my earnings per week towards a new laptop, i've been simultaneously saving for three other things with my remaining $50 p/wk. i have been saving for vans, because i need new school shoes and have wanted some for ages. i have also been waiting to get some moroccan oil, (as previously mentioned) but it's around $25 so i basically have to plan when i'll be able to buy it. the last thing i am saving for is some new piercings. once this term went back within the first few weeks i received about 8 good results from past assessment tasks/assignments i had done. i said to mum that i wanted my reverse navel done and that i obviously deserved it. nan and pop were trying so hard at the time to sell their house and mum was stressed, so she said we'll revisit the discussion after they sell the house. then my mum had another heart attack. everything's been so chaotic lately, i can't believe it. so i've been putting all my wants on hold because there's so many more important things to be concerned with. i reminded mum about my piercings the other day and she said we'll wait for my half yearly results back first. i'd argue that more but it doesn't really matter, i'll have them back by the time i have enough money for them anyway. anywhoooo, cosmetics plus have had a deal going on for a while now, and it's two piercings for $50. that's such good value and i have tonnes of piercing spray already so i wouldn't need to spend any extra on that. i definitely want my reverse navel, and i'm unsure about the second piercing. i would love to get my tongue done, but i don't think mum will want me getting that done. if she says no then i'll ask for either my cleavage, finger or smiley, and let her choose. i'm so happy, because by this time i will have gotten the three things i've been saving for, and that's the best feeling in the world.

24th of june - $100. $50 for laptop, $6 for gym. this leaves me with $44 for the week and i'm going to give mum $25 out of that for my soundwave revolution ticket. she has agreed to buy it for me basically as soon as they come on sale and then i'll pay her back over time. i'm going to give her around $20-25 a week or however much i can spare, and it should take me about 6-8 weeks to pay it off completely. i'm so happy, i'm saving wonderfully.

me = winnah.
↓ a photo of my plannings while at work, haha.


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