Sunday, 19 August 2012

spring is on the way


today it is the 19th of august, which means in twelve days spring will be here.
the air is already getting nicer, the days are getting longer and the sun is showing its warm, beautiful self more and more each day. i could not be happier.
yesterday i went to the beach for the first time since the beginning months of the year, and while the trip was  not fantastic due to the chill wind that blew piles of sand in my face, it was something. i could not be more excited for the warm weather and the sense of joy that comes with it.
lately it has occurred to me that i have now spent 3/4 of the year wasted being miserable and a slave to my own thoughts - so i am overjoyed to have the end of the year on it's way.

it is now more crucial than ever to have my body in pristine condition, i simply cannot wait for summer to come when i can tan every other day and have a reason to work out/shave my legs. also excited for summer fashion and in general not shivering to death every time a breeze passes by or when it gets past 4pm.
though i have been fake tanning a fair bit lately, i need the real deal.

on another note, i am almost blonde. hair is a current mixture of dull orange/yellow and strawberry blonde with my dark underlayers. hopefully only one or two more bleaches and i will be blonde again!
the future is looking up.



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