Tuesday, 26 June 2012

youtube videos

so lately i have been receiving a lot of questions on my tumblr regarding my sex life: things i have done, opinions regarding that and so on. i have also received a lot of questions from people saying they "want" me, and that is very flattering to me! as a result i have also gotten the vibe that some people may think it is slutty of me to be answering these questions so openly. someone also wanted to hear my voice in real life, so i decided to record a youtube video detailing my opinions on a few issues.
i actually really enjoyed making the video and found it a lot more personal than writing text posts/taking photos etc. i am currently very ill but i think when i am better i will record some more on some different topics.
any ideas? leave a comment below! it would be greatly appreciated. ♥

here is the video from last week.


  1. wow those people on tumblr who ask such open questions are so reckless lol maybe they get off on your replies o.o thats why they keep asking?! Who knows.. I think honesty is a good quality and and people on the internet will always be abit excessive and over the top with their assumptions and questions. Its just how you handle it as a person least youre confronting it on video so brave of you! And i love your choker and your new hair <3


    1. haha, i'm not sure why they ask those personal type questions but i must admit it can be entertaining to respond too!

      thankyou, thankyou and thankyou!