Friday, 20 April 2012

sarah's 18th - dress up party.

sorry this post is rather delayed, my laziness has gotten the best of me lately i'm afraid. last saturday night i went to the first good party i've been to in quite a while. my friend Sarah had just turned 18 so we had a gathering at a friends place. there was an actual DJ which made the whole atmosphere a lot better, and there was excellent company there. it was themed - dress up as a character off a movie. i went as Kayako from one of my favourite horror film series, The Grudge. i didn't have much time with my costume but i was happy with the result. the story goes that Kayako is brutally murdered by her husband while she is wearing a white night gown, and in a lot of scenes in the movie she is wearing this night gown, and it is covered in blood. i attempted to recreate this by buying a cheap satin gown from a thrift store and covering it in fake blood.

above is an image of me in my costume with my friend Liam. unfortunately the only photos i got from this night are bad quality, oh how i wish i had a decent camera. hopefully by next year.

one of my best friends, Josie, who was dressed as Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

group shot ~ Sarah as a bumble bee, myself, Josie and Maddy as Sailor Moon.

on the way home in the taxi we stopped in at maccas for some drunken cravings and binged on a double cheeseburger. ultimately, it was a good night and i am glad i went.

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