Sunday, 14 August 2011

never have money, ever

this week (payday is the 19th)
i want to save $50, then i have to give $16 to mum, so i have  $34 left.
then i need to buy a new pouch which is around $25.
so basically i have $10 for the week. which SUCKS, not only for obvious reasons but also because i wanted to buy a new taper to stretch my ear which is $20.


why do i not have a credit card?


  1. taper = stretcher?
    buy off ebay, so much cheaper!

  2. or you could not buy a pouch :P

  3. Do you get paid by centrelink?
    I guess it's stay at home this week end yeah? :(

  4. no i don't, i am not old enough to get centrelink and also when i am old enough it goes to my mum anyway D:
    so i have to work! hmph.

  5. hahha i probably shouldn't buy a pouch but i'm dying D;
    and hmmmm, that's an idea! i just wouldn't want it to take forever to get here :c

  6. fuuck that! I have to use all my centrelink money to pay my boyfriend's phone bill, 160 dollars. Not all of my centrelink pay but like a third. MOOOOO.