Sunday, 3 July 2011

pretty much in pieces.

i understand that my mum is really stressed right now, but for fuck's sake could she not take my feelings into account for once?
all i did was ask her a simple question and she was all up at my throat telling me to "do whatever the fuck i want".
i'm over it, i'm over it!
i'm so sad, my mum literally means everything to me but it's always a one-way relationship. i give in to everything that she asks for as far as piercings, school, tutoring etc, and as soon as i say something back she goes ape shit and i never get more upset than what i do when my mother and i fight. it's terrible.

this is just a pointless post about how depressed i am, and how much tomorrow is going to suck.
juleyin is here as well but i'm too upset to even talk to him so he can't help much.

i'm going to go eat dinner and become a mute.

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